Myriam Darmé, Frank Vassallucci and Maia Darmé came together in 2019 to create a unique flute, bassoon and harp trio. From renaissance music to movie soundtracks through folk melodies, they make a strong case for the versatility of their instruments (two bassoons, three harps and twenty different flutes!). Classical masterpieces round up their repertoire, with the likes of Bach, Berlioz, Massenet, Jolivet and Bizet.

The trio’s virtuosity, their arrangements in turn poignant and exuberant and the balance they found between the three timbres of their instruments prompted a standing ovation from the audience.

As the concert drew to an end, the musicians invited spectators to approach the stage if they wanted to take a closer look at the unusual instruments they had brought with them: baroque and classical bassoons, lever and pedal harps, flutes from around the world, half a dozen transverse classical flutes of different sizes and recorders from sopranino to bass. Quickly surrounded by curious concert-goers, they managed to answer all questions with humour and expertise. They provided insight into the making of their instruments, their surprising hidden mechanisms and all sorts of anecdotes on life as a classical musician.

Sud-Ouest, 30.08.2019

Myriam Darmé, Frank Vassallucci and Maia Darmé were all classically trained at the best conservatoires and lead brilliant individual careers. Myriam Darmé, a Lorraine-born flautist, is a renowned pedagogue and author of many publications for her instrument. Frank Vassallucci, solo bassoon at the Orchestre de l’Opera de Limoges, has played with the best French orchestras and teaches at the Limoges conservatoire. As for Maia Darmé, she is a soloist in demand on all continents and tours the world as a classical harpist or performing on instruments ranging from electric to traditional harps.