Born of Myriam and Maia Darme’s flute and harp duet, Ensemble Traversées gathers professional musicians with a special fondness for arranging who chose to come together to shed a new light on the repertoire available to their instruments. Traversées’ members are all virtuosos with well-established individual careers, who studied at the best conservatoires of France and abroad.

Ensemble Traversées performs in various instrumental combinations, including:

Note that other combinations are also possible and we sometimes invite other musicians to join us on stage. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question or specific request.


Ensemble Traversées’ performances take the shape of guided musical journeys accessible to audiences of all ages and backgrounds and appealing to seasoned music lovers and first-time concert goers alike. In between pieces, the musicians introduce historical and cultural context, present musical styles, touch on little-known aspects of their instruments and share anecdotes from the composers’ lives.

Traversées’ favorite programs feature relatively short pieces of various styles and historical periods, from traditional repertoire of different continents to contemporary creations without forgetting masterworks of classical music. We however choose our repertoire depending on circumstances and can suggest recitals built around a specific theme.

After their performances, members of Ensemble Traversées always come back on stage for an informal Q&A session, during which curious audience members can get a closer look at the instruments and meet the musicians.


Traversées made it its mission to offer performances tailored for audiences of all ages – from kindergarden to nursing homes –  and to bring live music to the most isolated communities.

With that commitment in mind, Traversées created a musical show for 4 to 12 years-old children and organizes pedagogical concerts in high schools for teenagers. Traversées also mentors an amateur ensemble of 40+ flutists, giving young musicians an opportunity to experience the stage and create mixed arts shows in professional conditions.

In order to reach out to isolated audiences, Traversées’ members perform in rural communities, nursing homes, care homes for disabled adults, prisons and rehabilitation centres.