Traversée fantastique is a French-language musical show for 4 to 12 years-old children. Created in 2016, it has already delighted over 6,000 students across France. The show is based on an original tale written by Françoise Demange and illustrated by a great number of short and varied musical extracts played on over 15 instruments. On stage, it is brought to life by a narrator / actor and two musicians / actors.

The story takes the audience on a journey with Harry, a little apprentice who travels the world in search of his master, Curupira. Curupira was the curator of a beautiful forest called Music, until he suddenly disappeared after a disastrous tempest. All he left behind was his magical harp – broken. Who could teach Harry how to fix and use it? From Asia to the Amazon, his quest leads Harry to discovers the history of music instruments and the many legends that surround them.