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In French, Traverser [TRAH-ver-say] means to cross or move past, whether it be oceans, deserts, mountains, time, borders, differences or experiences, while similarly pronounced “Traversées” are the physical voyages or metaphorical journeys undertaken. The classical Western flute is called “Traversière” [TRAH-ver-see -air] from its “travers” (transverse) playing position. Transcending stylistic, historical and geographical boundaries has always been at the heart of Ensemble Traversées’ spirit and mission.

Ensemble Traversées gathers professional musicians who perform in various instrumental combinations: flute – harp duet, bassoon – flute – harp trio, organ – flute – harp trio, harp – kanun duet or flute – piano duet.

Traversées’ members are all virtuosos with well-established individual careers, who came together to shed a new light on the repertoire available to their instruments. Their performances take the shape of guided musical journeys, during which the musicians introduce historical and cultural context, present musical styles, touch on little-known aspects of their instruments and share anecdotes from the composers’ lives.

Committed to making culture more accessible, Traversées also offers musical shows for children, organizes pedagogical concerts for teenagers, mentors youth orchestras / ensembles and reaches out to isolated audiences, from rural communities to nursing homes, care homes for disabled adults, prisons or rehabilitation centres.

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