Myriam Darmé is a Lorraine-born French flautist, active chamber musician, renowned pedagogue and author of many publications for her instrument. She began the flute at the Metz Regional Conservatory before continuing her studies at the Conservatory of Epinal, distinguishing herself in various competitions. In addition to her Flute Performance degree, she holds Conducting, Arrangement and Music Edition diplomas.

Before choosing to devote herself exclusively to music, she studied to become a state certified midwife and later a family counsellor, working many years in the delivery room and as a therapist. Currently a flute teacher at several music schools in Gironde, she has over two decades of experience teaching music.

Passionate about pedagogy, she is constantly looking for new ways to educate aspiring musicians, by writing didactic works, arranging new pieces to expand her instrument’s repertoire, creating mixed arts shows or developing outreach musical activities. Her arrangements, published by Profs Edition and SMP Press, span from solo flute works to chamber music ensembles and orchestra scores.

Besides the Western concert flute, Myriam regularly performs on an impressive array of 9 traditional flutes from different continents, 6 Western flutes (from bass to piccolo, including a baroque Traverso) and 5 recorders (from bass to sopranino).