Concerto Pour Une Voix

Level: Advanced
Duration: 4'30
Instrumentation: Flute and Pedal Harp Duet

“Concerto pour une voix” (Concerto for One Voice), is a crossover contemporary classical / pop song written by French composer Saint-Preux in 1969. It was originally intended as a purely instrumental piece for trumpet and strings, but after hearing French singer Danielle Licari practice in a recording studio, Saint-Preux decided record his work with her. She sung the solo trumpet part using a vocalise technique similar to scat singing in jazz to imitate a brass instrument. The song, which doesn’t bear any lyrics, was a thunderous success upon its release and made both her career and his. It was covered by Dalida and later turned into a duet, “Concerto pour deux voix”, sung by Clémence Saint-Preux and Jean-Baptiste Maunier.

The PDF file includes both the score and parts. It is suitable for advanced students as well professionals looking for a popular addition to their repertoire.