Françoise Demange is a mother of four and grand-mother of eight. For her grandchildren, she started writing down short stories of her invention, infused with wisdom, kindness and tolerance.

A special needs educator by profession, she worked with disabled people before taking on the role of head trainer at the Regional Institute of Social Work (IRTS) of Lorraine. She then joined the team of the Association APF France Handicap, where she served as project manager for Alsace-Lorraine before becoming the foundation’s regional director until her retirement in 2011.

She kept supporting APF France Handicap after her retirement by carrying out interim management missions. She also collaborated with a variety of non-profits to develop social assistance projects, with her trademark generosity and determination.

Fond of music, fine arts and pedagogy, she put her whole heart into writing and bringing to life the musical tale “Traversée Fantastique” from July 2016 onwards. Before her untimely departure the following year, she drew the broad lines of a continuation to the story.