Traversées offers pedagogical concerts for teenagers in high schools. Flautist Myriam Darmé and harpist Maia Darmé have designed a special performance program to that purpose. They bring over 25 instruments with them, including 9 traditional flutes from different continents, 6 Western concert flutes (from bass to piccolo and period Traverso) and 5 recorders (from bass to sopranino). As for harps, students are given a chance to discover a concert grand pedal harp, an electric harp, a bardic harp from Ireland, an arpa llanera from Latin America and a kamele n’goni from Africa.

The duet performs a large number of short pieces from folk melodies to classical works, movie soundtracks or songs — all special arrangements. In between pieces, the musicians offer entertaining and informative presentations and take questions from the audience.

Pedagogical shows and presentations are also possible with other instruments. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.