Myriam Darmé and Maia Darmé created flute & harp duet Traversées in 2013. Both established, renowned musicians, they had found themselves to be on slightly different professional paths. Myriam chose to focus on the youth and outreach musical activities, maintaining a busy teaching schedule and building a career around writing pedagogical works for the flute and creating musical shows. As for Maia, she was touring the world as a classical soloist or performing on instruments ranging from electric to traditional harps. Traversées became a way of bringing together their different musical horizons and experiences to create something unique, a very un-classical classical duet.

On stage, they are extremely versatile. They are equally at ease performing chamber music warhorses as their own arrangements, many or which have been published by Profs Editions and SMH Press. They love nothing more than mixing things up and putting together special Traversées recitals bringing the audience into their journeys across styles, centuries, cultures and continents.

Between the two of them, Myriam and Maia Darmé play up to 25 instruments in concert. On the flutes side, an impressive panel of 9 traditional flutes from different continents, 6 Western concerts flutes (from bass to piccolo, including a baroque Traverso) and 5 recorders (from bass to sopranino). On the harps side, a concert grand pedal harp, an electric harp, an Irish bardic harp, a Latin-American arpa llanera and an African kamele n’goni.

A harp and a flute, but a very un-classical evening. Full of surprises, the “Traversées” duet offered a guided trip through time, countries and music styles. Its two outstanding musicians had prepared a special home-made program, of which they penned all the arrangements. A great discovery!

The musicians stayed after their performance, and audience members wasted no time pressing them with questions and gathering around the stage to get a closer look at their instruments.

Sud Ouest, 06.05.2018

Together, Myriam and Maia Darmé created a musical tale for children, “Traversée Fantastique, which has already delighted over 5,000 primary school students around France. Taking very at heart their commitment to improving the accessibility of culture, they also offer pedagogical concerts in underprivileged or geographically isolated high schools on a regular basis.