This USB flash drive contains audio tracks and pedagogical tools to accompany children’s book “Traversée Fantastique. 30-pages musical tale destined to 4 to 12 years-old children, the book is based on Ensemble Traversées’ young audience show “Traversée Fantastique

It takes children on a journey with Harry, a little apprentice who travels the world in search of his master, Curupira. Curupira was the curator of a beautiful forest called Music, until he suddenly disappeared after a disastrous tempest. All he left behind was his magical harp – broken. Who could teach Harry how to fix and use it? From Asia to the Amazon, his quest leads Harry to discovers the history of music instruments and the many legends that surround them. 

Wooden 8Go flash drive, reusable. Includes a complete .mp3 audio recording of the show (45 minutes), explanations on every musical extract performed, descriptions of the characters and their historical / mythological roots, presentations of the instruments played (12 different flutes and 3 harps), coloring pictures from the musical tale and the score of the show’s original song.

This article is only available in French.

Price : 10 €

Pack “Traversée fantastique” book + flash drive with audio and pedagogical tools : 25 €

Complete pack of musical tales (“The Magic Flute” book + “Traversée fantastique” book + audio and pedagogical tools flash drive) : 35 €

Flash drives and children’s books are available for purchase at the end of every Ensemble Traversées performance. They can also be ordered here — don’t hesitate to write to us with any questions before placing your order.